Jun 11, 2024
Jun 11, 2024

Stop War Profiteering, Exit russia NOW!

Protest against Consumer Goods Forum companies funding russia's aggression against Ukraine.

🗓️ Date:

June 11, 2024 4:30 PM


June 11, 2024 7:21 PM

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Event Description:
📅 The Consumer Goods Forum is taking place in Chicago from June 11th-14th at the Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk. CEOs of global companies, including those that continue their operations in Russia, will be attending. These companies contribute to the Kremlin's funds, which are used for missiles and drones to terrorize Ukrainians.

Call to Action:
It’s time to stop this once and for all! The Chicago community must take a stand and demand their EXIT. Join us to raise our voices in protest against these global companies. 📢 Public outcry is essential.

Why Your Presence Matters:
💵 Every dollar of corporate taxes paid to the Kremlin translates into more weapons used against Ukrainians. Your presence is crucial to make a difference.

Mark Your Calendar:
📅 Date: June 11, 2024
🕟 Time: 4:30 PM
📍 Location: Sheraton Grand Chicago Riverwalk, 301 E. North Water St., Chicago, IL

Let's make our stand together! ✊

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