About us  🗓️ ✨

At the heart of our platform lies a group of dedicated volunteers with a shared commitment to supporting Ukraine. Recognizing the power of collective action, we've come to create a centralized calendar that organizes and showcases events contributing to Ukraine's well-being.

Our Mission:
‍Volunteer-Driven: We are a passionate team of volunteers who believe in the strength of community-driven support.
‍Event Curation: Our calendar is carefully curated, featuring only events that actively contribute to helping Ukraine. This ensures that your participation has a meaningful impact.
‍Unity in Action: By attending these events, you become part of a collective effort that stands united for the future of Ukraine 🤝.

Your engagement is a vital force in making a positive difference.

Explore the calendar, attend the events, and actively contribute to our shared goal of supporting Ukraine. Together, we can make a lasting impact and stand strong for Ukraine's future.